A Perfect Doodle Desk for Kids

·Editor in Chief

We should all encourage our kids’ imaginations, but with that comes a mess of markers, crayons, paints, glue, and glitter. Here’s a solution that not only keeps your kids’ art stations neat and tidy but also transforms your munchkins into modern masters!


  • Scissors

  • Hammer

  • Small nails


  • Self-adhesive Velcro

  • Picture frame (glass and back removed)

  • Child’s table

  • Newsprint pad

  • 4 canvas paintbrush holders


  1. Adhere Velcro along the sides of the back of the frame and to the surface of the table.

  2. Insert pad into frame and then Velcro the frame to the table. 

  3. Hammer your small nails through the paintbrush holders into each side of the table. Fill the pockets with art supplies.

You can’t go wrong: Any size desk will work - just make sure you choose a frame that’s a bit smaller than the tabletop, and a pad that fits inside the frame.

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