Don't Worry, but North Korea's Rockets Can Probably Reach the U.S.

Connor Simpson
Don't Worry, but North Korea's Rockets Can Probably Reach the U.S.

There's no reason you should panic about this news. Continue doing what you do! Football is on in a few hours! But you should probably know that North Korea's rockets can probably reach the west coast of the U.S. 

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That's what South Korea says, anyway. They picked up some pieces of the North Korean rocket that's currently falling out of control that fell into South Korean waters. When they took the pieces back to the lab and examined them, they found the rocket had a possible range of about 10,000 kilometers, which means it could reach parts of the U.S. 

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So, does that mean there's something to worry about? Not really. As we explained, North Korea is still really, really far away from building a nuclear warhead that could travel that far. Well, they're really far from being able to build any nuclear warhead, let alone one that could sustain a trip to the U.S. west coast. If they ever do make it that far, the U.S. will do something like hack their Internet or something to sabotage them, right? Right?

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And so, North Korea and venerable leader Kin Jong-Un charge forward. They're building more rockets. The leader ordered more rocket development just this weekend. He probably looked something like this when he made the decision, too.