'I don't have any hate for him': Walgreens stabbing victim shares survival story

GRAHAM, Wash. - An employee who was stabbed while working at Walgreens is now out of the hospital and sharing his story with FOX 13.

Jordan Biswell says he was attacked at the Walgreens off 224th St. E and Meridian E in Graham on Saturday, a day before his one-year work anniversary.

"He's a sick dude, but I don't have any hate for him," said Jordan Biswell. "I hope he finds help for wherever he needs it."

The 23-year-old shift leader was barely an hour into his shift when he encountered the suspect, 36-year-old James Keller. He says Keller was in line at the store, and when he got to the counter, he asked to call a cab.

"He was being super nice until I was in that corner and until he knew I didn't have anywhere to run. That's when he snapped because some lady said he couldn't get a cab," said Biswell.

Biswell says Keller pulled him to the front of the store at knifepoint.

"I fought back. I got away from him," said Biswell "I got stabbed in the middle of all of that and fell to the ground."

After Biswell was stabbed through the chest, he was sent to a hospital but was discharged the next day, on Easter Sunday.

Biswell says it will be 8 weeks to heal from his current injuries, but his doctors believe he may need reconstructive surgery.

His friends have set up this GoFundMe as he recovers from the attack.

"I'm grateful for everybody involved, even people on the internet sharing my story, sending positive prayers in my direction," said Biswell. "That gives me more hope than he was able to take away from me."


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