DongYan fans blast "Ang Probinsyano" for misuse of photo

14 Aug – Fans of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera have recently slammed Coco Martin's "Ang Probinsyano" for using the couple's photos in their drama.

As reported on Inquirer, a fan recently posted a screenshot from the drama's latest episode (which was later reposted on Thedongyanatics Instagram account), in which Alice Dixson's character in the drama was seen crying next to a framed wedding photo of her and Edu Manzano.

The fan pointed out that the photo was actually from Rivera and Dantes' wedding and that the studio had edited the faces from the Kapuso couple into Dixson and Manzano.

The fan also stated that this is not the first time that the show has used the couple's photo as their prop, as they previously imposed Mickey Ferriols and Joko Diaz on Dantes and Rivera's faces in a family photo taken at the couple's daughter Zia's baptism. However, Zia's face was not changed in the photo.

"Were the photos of Dingdong, Marian and Zia used [and] edited without permission? Dear Ang Probinsyano, [you're on strike two now]," read the caption.

Dantes had since responded to the post, asking them to send him the clip and saying that he will take it from there.

Both Dantes and Rivera, as well as "Ang Probinsyano" team have yet to address the matter for now.

(Photo Source: Inquirer)