Donald Trump praises his debate performance and blasts CNBC

·White House Correspondent

BOULDER, Colo. — Donald Trump had harsh words for the moderators of Wednesday night’s CNBC Republican debate. However, he had a rosy assessment of his own performance after being widely accused of having faded in the last debate.

Speaking to reporters in the spin room, Trump accused CNBC of being far tougher on the candidates than CNN was at the Democratic debate on Oct. 12.

“It was very different than the Hillary debate, where actually it was like it was a cakewalk,” Trump said. “This was different, but I enjoyed it.”

Trump was the clear frontrunner in polls of the Republican presidential primary contest prior to the last debate on Sept. 17, when many observers said Trump lost steam in the second half. In the spin room, Yahoo News asked Trump if anyone could say he “faded” this time around.

“There was no fade. There was no fade,” Trump said. “That’s for sure.”

(Cover tile photo: Brennan Linsley/AP)