Donald Trump Breaks Silence After Being Found Guilty: 'Our Country Has Gone To Hell'

Former President Donald Trump has finally spoken out after being found guilty of 34 counts of felony in his hush money trial.

A jury comprised of 7 men and 6 women from New York came to the historic decision, making Trump the first president in US history to be convicted of a crime.

Donald Trump notably refused to testify in his own trial, saying he did not see the need to because, according to him, the prosecution "had no case."

Donald Trump Speaks Out After Guilty Verdict

Donald Trump

Trump, like most times, wasted no time in addressing the historic verdict in his criminal trial. The former president vented his frustration at the jury's decision while repeating the claim that the trial was orchestrated by the incumbent president, Joe Biden.

The billionaire mogul also stated in his speech that the fight is not over, implying his intention to appeal the verdict.

"Our whole country is being rigged right now," Trump told the press outside the courtroom. "This was done by the Biden administration in order to wound, to hurt an opponent. A political opponent. And I think it's just a disgrace, and we'll keep fighting, we'll fight till the end, and we'll win because our country has gone to hell. We don't have the same country anymore, we have a divided mess ."

He continued, "We are a nation in decline, serious decline of people pouring into our country right now. From prisons and from mental institutions. Terrorists and they're taking over our country. We have a country that's in big trouble, but this was a rigged decision right from day one, with a conflicted judge who should have never been allowed to try this case. Never!"

Trump concluded his statement: "We will fight for our constitution. This is far from over. Thank you very much."

Donald Trump Was Found Guilty Of 34 Counts Of Falsifying Business Records

Donald Trump

The jury in Trump's hush money trial has found the former president guilty of all 34 counts of falsifying business records in payments made to former adult film star Stormy Daniels.

On Thursday, the jury pronounced the verdict in the historic trial after deliberating for only two days. The hush money trial was filled with several dramatic moments, including multiple outbursts from the Republican presidential hopeful about the gag order placed on him at the start of the criminal trial.

The jury's shocking verdict makes Trump the first president in history to be convicted of a crime. Now he faces up to four years in prison, but as a first-time offender, the billionaire mogul could be given a lighter sentence.

Trump's sentencing has now been scheduled for July 11, 2024.

Donald Trump Jr. Speaks Out After His Father's Guilty Verdict

The Trump Family

One of Trump's family members has already spoken out about the ex-president's conviction. Donald Trump Jr. broke his silence on his father's guilty verdict, proclaiming that it is a "sad day for America."

Donald Jr said, "Obviously [it's] just a sad day for America. Crazy what's going on in this country. Obviously [no one was] probably expecting anything different with this jury, with this biased judge, whose daughter is profiteering from this stuff."

He added later added, "The Democrats have succeeded in their years-long quest to turn our country into an absolute cr-p hole. They've done that. They've been trying for a long time. There's literally no other way about it at this point."

Donald Trump Refused To Testify In His Trial

Donald Trump at CPAC 2024

Trump, who had earlier made known his intention to take to the witness stand in the criminal trial, later backed out, claiming that the hush money judge's "rulings [make] it difficult to testify."

The former president further noted, "Anything I did, anything I did in the past, they can bring everything up. And you know what, I've had a great past."

Trump then reiterated a stance predating his trial as another reason for his decision to abstain from testifying.

"The other reason is because they have no case," he added. "In other words, why testify when they have no case … There's no crime … so when you say, 'Why not testify,' they have no case, other than it's a corrupt system."

Donald Trump's MAGA Followers Proclaim Their Support Of Him After Guilty Verdict

Donald Trump at CPAC 2024

Trump's guilty verdict seems to have further energized his MAGA supporters, as many have taken to social media to proclaim their support for the convicted ex-president.

One person wrote online, "These verdicts pissed off MILLIONS of Americans who are tired of our two-tiered bullsh-t justice system and basically ensures your father’s re-election. LETS GOOO."

Another stated, "Trump will only get more popular! A completely corrupt trial. Hand-picked Liberal Judge and Liberal Jury."

"Pretty much secured another Trump victory come November. That will make 3 straight wins for Trump. Watch the ballot box. America. It’s their only hope, and they will do it again," a third claimed.