Don’t Waste Your Money: Testing for lead-based paint

(WHTM)– Most of us keep our homes in good shape and repaint our walls every few years, but if your home is pre-1978, it could have a danger lurking beneath that newer paint.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about lead hazards here in your home,” Aaron Grant said

Grant brings bad news to people when his team of inspectors finds lead paint in homes. In one house, they found lead on the front porch railings.

That positive means lead-based paint is here,” Grant said.

Inside, Grants says safe latex paint can wear off revealing old lead paint below.

“This is a good example of something we are looking for in an inspection,” Grant said. “Even just normal things like opening and closing a door can lead to a lead-based paint hazard.”

Grant says while lead-based paint was banned by the government in 1978 it’s still around today.

The older your home is, the more likely it is to contain lead-based paint, the risks occur mostly in areas during a home remodel. If you are planning to renovate an older home, Grants says have your paint tested.

You can buy inexpensive test kits at hardware stores but to truly be safe he suggests hiring a professional. The EPA lists approved inspectors on its website.

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“We are preventing health issues down the road, that can contribute to learning disabilities or other health impacts,” Grants says.

Grant’s team recommended professional sanding and repainting to remove the hazard here.

So test that paint if you are going to do any work inside your home this year so you stay safe and don’t waste your money.

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