Don’t Waste Your Money: Gas Station Do’s and Don’ts

(WHTM) – Have you ever pulled into a gas station and all the pumps are taken? Even worse, half the people are inside the store! That tops out the list of gas station don’ts.

Gas stations can be a frustrating place. Cars are everywhere you can’t get to the pump you need and they just raised the price right before you got there.

“I saw them last night on my way home, I am working evening, and I saw them jumping up last night. You said oh no I gotta fill up? Yup, and I am too late,” said one gas station goer.

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But to help ease those filling up frustrations the car site “Jalopnik” recently posted “The unbreakable rules of the gas stations.”

Among them:

  • No parking at the gas pump: if you need to spend 10 minutes in the store, move your car to a parking spot.

  • Spill something, say something: don’t leave a big gas spill for someone to step in after you. Plus, it’s dangerous.

  • Don’t block a second fuel pump: it is so frustrating when someone doesn’t pull up far enough and takes up two pumps!

And from the doesn’t that stink file, safety rules that many people ignore.

One, no smoking, two, turn the engine off, and three, don’t jump back into the car during fill up as you could make a static spark.

Finally, don’t hog the counter deciding which lottery tickets and cigarettes you want. Know what you want before you go inside.

The bottom line, have some courtesy for fellow drivers that way you don’t cause a problem and you don’t waste your money

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