Don Ewigleben, President and CEO of International Tower Hill Mines Ltd (THM), Interviews with The Wall Street Transcript

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Topics covered: Precious Metals - Lower Gold Price Environment - Precious Metals Exploration and Production - Increasing Capital Expenditures - Emerging Markets Silver Consumption - Mining Safety and Environmental Concerns

Companies include: International Tower Hill Mines Ltd (THM) and many more.

In the following excerpt from the Gold and Precious Metals Report, the President and CEO of International Tower Hill Mines Ltd (THM) discusses company strategy and the outlook for this vital industry:

TWST: It's been said that Alaska is one of the most favorable mining jurisdictions globally. What factors or conditions contribute to this favorable environment, and what, if any, are the challenges related to this location?

Mr. Ewigleben: As a person who has permitted all over the world - I have been in places like Brazil and Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Russia, the Philippines, certainly throughout the U.S. - I can't find a better place to do business than the Livengood Mining District of Alaska. Gold was first discovered there in 1914, and since that time over 500,000 ounces of placer gold have been produced, and the small town of Livengood where we're going to be operating was created as a result. From 1914 to about 1970, focus was always on placer deposits, but now it's on the lode gold deposits like the Livengood project.

There is an established permitting process there that is very transparent; it's very inclusive. It includes all the agencies and all the stakeholders, yet it doesn't seem too encumbered by countless repetition of issues surrounding a development project. That means you get the issue out on the table; everybody has a chance to work through it, understand the science, but it also helps that our project has no significant environmental or community issues that we can't adequately mitigate. We don't have any First Nations, or aboriginal or native Alaskan matters. We know that it's one of the best geopolitical jurisdictions to mine in the world. We've seen no new matters that would change our minds since we began developing Livengood. It's just a great place to do business.

TWST: How is the Livengood project progressing in the face of challenges like continued volatility in the price of gold and rising operational costs?

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