Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard named in latest FBI subpoena, records requested

DOLTON, Ill. - The third subpoena in the past 12 days has been served on the Village of Dolton, and it is by far the most substantial.

It's also the first to specifically name Dolton's embattled mayor, Tiffany Henyard.

The seven-page subpoena served Monday at Dolton Village Hall asks for all payments, expense reimbursements, per diems and credit card expenditures for Mayor Henyard, beginning just before the election in 2021.

The same information is also requested from her top assistant, Keith Freeman, and a pair of businesses controlled by Freeman as well as several trustees and village employees who have traveled with Henyard.

The subpoena also shows the FBI is looking into complaints by Dolton business owners whose licenses have been held up by the village, asking for licensing information for 10 bars and restaurants, including two that were raided and closed by Dolton police in February – Rinky's Bar and Pablo's Cafe and Bar.

FOX 32 visited those businesses to ask about their frustrations following the raids.

"There was like 10 police cars came in and they start pushing customers from here, and he said if you don't leave, we're gonna lock you up," said George Mseeh, with Pablo's Cafe.

It's clear the feds are focusing on all the expensive out-of-state travel by Henyard and her crew, including first class plane tickets, asking for travel records for all trips, but specifying Washington D.C., Las Vegas and Portland Oregon.

Last year, FOX 32 reported on Henyard's pricey police security detail with Dolton officers working thousands of hours of overtime to drive the mayor around and sometimes run her personal errands.

The FBI took notice, asking for shift records for a number of officers assigned to that detail, including officer Terry Young, who last May reported working 303 over a two-week period.

When we asked Henyard about it, she refused to comment.

The subpoena also asked for information Henyard's charitable foundation, which used employees and vehicles from Dolton as part of a march to Springfield in 2022.

A federal grand jury has been conducting a criminal investigation into Henyard since November of last year.

In all, the FBI has served a total of five subpoenas over the past two weeks on Dolton and Thornton Township, where Henyard also serves as supervisor.

The latest subpoena gives Dolton officials until May 20 to turn over the requested records to the federal grand jury.