Dolphins’ Mike McDaniel updates Tua Tagovailoa’s status and health. And Sinnett signed

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Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said Monday that Tua Tagovailoa will miss Sunday’s game at the Jets because of a concussion, but McDaniel remains uncertain of any timetable beyond that.

“He’s in the building. He’s had a couple good days,” McDaniel said. “He’s trying to go through the proper procedure and protocols so he’s feeling 100 percent.

“He’s going to be diligent with it. And if there is anything giving him issues such as light or anything, we will shut that down.”

Regarding how many games Tagovailoa will miss, “anything beyond [missing Sunday is unknown],” McDaniel said. “We’re making sure he’s at optimal health. It’s a little early” on timetables.

The Dolphins signed former Dolphins quarterback Reid Sinnett to the practice squad. Teddy Bridgewater will start Sunday at the Jets, and rookie Skylar Thompson will be the No. 2 quarterback.

Medical examinations of Tagovailoa have yielded encouraging results. McDaniel confirmed that Tagovailoa’s MRI came back clean.

He said he had no confirmation of an ESPN report that Tagovailoa will seek three additional independent medical opinions on his brain and neck but said: “We don’t bat an eye on second or third opinions. When it comes to adding information for a player to understand where he’s at from health perspective, that’s encouraged.”

McDaniel said not one person will decide when Tagovailoa is cleared to play. Multiple people will be consulted.

“We will always have our media opinions from our in-house guys. It’s not just one doctor. It’s a collection of people advising.”

Tagovailoa sustained a concussion on Thursday against the Bengals and is in the league’s concussion protocol. Here are the five phases of protocol and what a player must do to exit protocol.

The NFL and union are investigating whether any mistakes were made in Tagovailoa being cleared to return after taking a hard hit in the Bills game.

Under a new rule expected to become official as early as next weekend, players who show gross motor instability — as Tagovailoa seemingly did against the Bills — the player would not be allowed to return.

“As far as the new adjusted rule, if it’s safer for one player, I’m all over it,” McDaniel said. “As far as the Bills game, our process and everything involved with how we approached the medical situation, I’m still very confident in how we did it.”

McDaniel said the union’s dismissal of the independent neurological consultant who worked the Bills game is unrelated to how Tagovailoa was cleared. The union has not said that the neurologist misdiagnosed Tagovailoa.

McDaniel said the team is “very confident in Teddy Bridgewater. We went out and signed him and it’s one of the better things that could have happened to us. Everyone is super confident in him. He will be fully prepared and ready to go. I don’t think a team will bat an eye when we lace them up on Sunday.“

McDaniel said it will not be known until midweek whether Byron Jones will come off the physically unable to perform list this week. Jones hasn’t played this season after March surgery in his ankle/Achilles area. He was working on the side with a trainer on Monday, exercising while wearing gym clothes.