Dolly Parton explains how husband Carl Dean will influence upcoming rock album

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Dolly Parton’s upcoming rock album will be a love letter to husband Carl Dean.

The legendary singer, who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last weekend, says the new album will feature music her hubby of 56 years enjoys.

“I’m going to do a lot of his favorite songs,” she told E! News prior to the ceremony. “He loves Mick Jagger, he loves ‘Satisfaction’ — those kind of songs. I’m hoping to have Elton John. I’m hoping to have just a lot of the big classic artists singing some of the classic songs.”

Dolly Parton and husband Carl Dean have been married since 1966. (
Dolly Parton and husband Carl Dean have been married since 1966. (

Parton says she and Dean have quite a few songs that have meaning to them, but she will honor his passion for rock music.

“We have a lot of favorite songs,” she said. “He loves the rock ‘n’ roll, he loves Led Zeppelin and he loves ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ So I’m going to do a lot of the things like that for him.”

Parton plans to make this album a top-notch effort and joked she may enlist fellow inductee Duran Duran to help, after she accidentally barged in on the band’s interview with “Access” at the induction ceremony.

“If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it once and do it good,” she said.

“I’m going to hit on all of you to sing with me, too,” she added.

Parton is a country music legend who doesn’t always seem comfortable being labeled as a rocker. She initially spurned her nomination for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but later changed her mind.

“Well, I’ll accept gracefully. I’ll just say ‘Thanks’ and I will accept it because the fans vote,” Parton told NPR’s “Morning Edition” in April.

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