‘Dogs on the Beach’ — photographer documents the explosion of the canine beach culture

Award-winning photographer Lara Jo Regan’s latest book, “Dogs on the Beach,” captures the unbridled, infectious bliss canines exhibit when they hit the shore. In this breathtaking series, Regan combines two extremely popular subjects — dogs and beaches — making new waves in dog, beach, travel and animal photography.

A passionate, world-renowned chronicler of canine life (including “Dogs in Cars,” the “Mr. Winkle” series and “Dog Plays”), Regan spent three years shooting “Dogs on the Beach” in her quest to document the explosion of dog beach culture. She traveled to some of the most scenic seascapes in America, capturing the primal joy of dogs romping and rolling in the sand, splashing in surf, lounging in the sun and even catching a few waves. Rediscover and experiences the sensuous joys, childlike pleasures and expansive beauty of the beach through these intimate images of doggie dudes and bow-wow beach babes seeking natural highs in paradise.

“Dogs on the Beach,” published by Myth and Matter Media, debuts on Aug. 22, 2018. Click here to learn more.

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