Dog and Owner Saved From Ravine in Western New York

A dog and one of its owners were rescued by firefighters after falling more than 175 feet down a woodland ravine in the town of Ovid, western New York state, on Sunday, November 26, according to local officials.

The Ovid Fire Department said the dog began falling after stepping on some “fallen leaves or loose vegetation.” As one of its owners tried to grab the dog, they also lost their footing and slipped down the ravine along with the dog.

“Due to the age and size of the dog it was unable to climb out of the ravine,” the fire department said. “The dog appeared to sustain only minor injuries, and the owner was not injured. Additional family members were able to climb down the ravine and back out prior to Ovid Fire Department arrival.”

This footage of the rescue shows firefighters rappelling down with a rescue basket and retrieving the dog before returning to help two people out of the ravine. No one was injured, the fire department said. The Seneca County Rope Rescue Team assisted in the rescue. Credit: Otis Fire Dept via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Go a little bit faster.

- A little faster?

- There we go. That's good.

- Watch it. He's coming out.


- [INAUDIBLE], all responding units.

- If we can get there, [INAUDIBLE].

- No additional fire services are needed at [INAUDIBLE]. Again, all fires can return to service at 15:35.

- Oh. Hold it.

- Hold it.

- Whoa, hold. Slow it down a little there on the steep part.

- I got him.

- Guys, [INAUDIBLE].

- Ready? Team, ready to go? Ready?


- Go slow.

- You're good.


- Cluster of leaves right there.

- We want to get that further out on that crest of that [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, right now--

- It's good for right now. Going down, it's not too bad.

- Watch your head.

- Just trying to see if I can get [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah.

- Then hold it up [INAUDIBLE] so that [INAUDIBLE] really don't have time to talk about--

- Yeah, whatever. It's not gonna-- the moss ain't gonna hurt it. It's rocks that might be underneath it, you know? So wait till they get down there.

Yeah, I know. But I don't want it so slack so it trips them. They're pulling--

- It's hard to pull the--

- They got him now. They got him now.

- It was stuck on that pull, and they're pulling-- oh, they're pulling.

- OK, have them guys wait there, and we'll go back down and get them.

- Slow. Slow down.

- Slow.

- Slow down.

- OK. Slowly.

- A couple harnesses for the two civilians--

- You want to reset or what?

- --down there that we still have to retrieve.

- Yeah, reset.

- They need to reset [INAUDIBLE].

- Reset.

- OK, we're right at the steepest part, so nice and slow up the hill.

- Ready to raise.

- Ready to raise.

- Ready.

- Ready?

- Go.

- Whoa.

- Whoa.

- Stop.

- Stop.


- Pup just like, eh-- just hanging out.

- Nah, we're good. If you guys could go another four foot or so, that would be better.

- Yeah.

- Doing pretty good.

- Raise?

- Raise.

- It's a lot easier than climbing all that.

- Oh, man, I [INAUDIBLE].

- He's saying it's a lot easier than climbing that hill.


- OK. Keep coming.


- Ah, we think you're gonna make it. You guys made it. You good?

- Good.


- [INAUDIBLE] seem to me.

- Yeah. We gotta do this right.

- Keep coming. Keep coming. OK, stop.

- Stop.

- Get back there about 10 more feet. There you go.

- You can go a little bit faster.

- [INAUDIBLE] get down there [INAUDIBLE].

- Well--

- They went--

- --he went with the dog and the other went down with a rope right when we got here.

- Oh, yeah, right before the first rope.

- They fell down the first time with the dog?

- Well, the--

- Dog did, apparently.

- Right, and the wife went down--

- She went down with the dog.

- Yeah.

- She tried to grab him, and just the force of gravity took her as well.

- [INAUDIBLE] she's not hurt?

- No, nobody's hurt.

- She would be up here already.

- Should have got him on the other side of that tree.

- They got to be--

- Haul team ready.

- Ready.

- Ready.

- Rope ready.

- All right.

- All slow.

- There's no good way to come out.

- You said you [INAUDIBLE].


- [INAUDIBLE] come back up the hill himself. Being that old, [INAUDIBLE].

- You got it? Here's [INAUDIBLE].

- Here--