Dog climbs animal shelter wall to be with canine friend. ‘They must stay together’

A Minnesota animal shelter is hopeful two pit bull terriers can be adopted together, especially after their recent antics.

Video shared Saturday, June 3, by Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control shows just how much the dogs want to be together.

A dog named Brenda climbed the partition from her kennel at the animal shelter, the video shows. She then jumped into the next kennel, occupied by her friend, Linda.

“They are now sharing a bigger kennel together,” Friends of MACC said in their post.

Brenda and Linda arrived at the shelter May 22 and were made available for adoption May 31.

Because of the dogs’ love for one another, the shelter wants them to be adopted together. Facebook commenters are hoping the same.

“Omg someone adopt these ladies together,” one person said on Facebook.

“They must stay together,” another said.

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