How does $18,600 a month sound? Here are the 8 PA state job openings that pay the most

Though nationwide inflation and the threat of a potentially catastrophic default on the United States’ mounting debts loom large, Pennsylvania’s workforce appears to be in solid shape through May.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s April unemployment report, released May 19, the commonwealth’s unemployment rate sits at 4.1%, matching the lowest rate on record dating back to January 1976. The record-setting trend was buoyed by an industry sector-leading gain of 8,400 jobs in education and health services jobs between March and April, the agency said.

If you are still on the hunt for a job with steady pay and strong benefits, the public sector may be your best bet. Here’s a look at eight of the highest-paying jobs currently open and advertised publicly through the commonwealth’s online portal as of late May.

Staff psychiatrist

Salary: $189,399 to $223,708

Agency: Department of Human Services

Description: As a staff psychiatrist, you would work with patients at Clarks Summit State Hospital to perform detailed psychiatric evaluations and make appropriate diagnoses when necessary. A professional in this role would also prescribe treatments and “interpret consultations, laboratory and other findings,” according to the job description.

Requirements for the role include proper certification and a license to practice medicine in Pennsylvania, among several educational prerequisites. A Pennsylvania residency requirement is waived for this position, though successful candidates are expected to work in person, including possible shifts on evenings, weekends and holidays.

This position is based in Lackawanna County.

Dentist openings

Salary: $128,274 to $174,358

Agency: Department of Corrections

Description: The commonwealth is searching for a handful of dentists to work with inmates and oversee dental operations at several state correctional facilities.

“As a Dentist... you will be responsible for supervising the work of the dental staff on a daily basis. You will be responsible for all aspects of the clinical services provided to the inmate population by DOC dental clinic staff,” their job descriptions read.

Positions are open at correctional facilities in Centre, Clearfield, Forest, Greene, Huntingdon and Somerset counties.

Epidemiologist supervisor

Salary: $104,998 to $159,551

Agency: Department of Health

Description: The commonwealth is searching for a new epidemiologist supervisor to join the Department of Health’s Division of Community Epidemiology. A successful candidate would help lead a team of epidemiologists, researchers, nursing consultants, analysts and more who work within the health care-associated infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship program (HAIP/AS). The role supervises staffers who evaluate information and produce reports, review infection control plans and lead research, among other tasks.

This role requires previous experience working as an epidemiologist, related experience working as a doctor, professional experience investigating diseases or sufficient education, or several combinations of these prerequisites. Remote work is possible, though candidates are expected to report to the department’s office in Harrisburg.

This position is based in Dauphin County.


Salary: $54.80 to $78.79 hourly

Agency: Department of Human Services

Description: As a podiatrist at Wernersville State Hospital, you would examine, diagnose and treat foot ailments and deformities for patients at the facility. The role would also include collaborations with medical and professional staff to treat systemic disorders, provide referrals for major surgeries and facilitate treatments for diagnostic procedures.

This is a part-time job offering roughly 22.5 hours per week. Some requirements include graduation from an approved school of podiatry, plus a current license to practice in Pennsylvania.

This position is based in Berks County.

Director of Correctional Industries

Salary: $92,030 to $139,815

Agency: Department of Corrections

Description: This role oversees all aspects of the commonwealth’s Bureau of Correctional Industries, through which inmates in Pennsylvania produce items that are available for sale to nonprofit organizations and government entities. The bureau’s director would lead operations, financial management, sales and marketing and more. Additionally, the role would provide supervision to the bureau’s staff and programming, according to the job listing.

Requirements for the role include experience in manufacturing and necessary education in industrial engineering, business administration or related fields.

This position is based in Cumberland County.

Director of Advance, Governor’s Office

Salary: $125,000 to $135,000

Agency: Office of the Governor

Description: The director of advance will lead efforts to plan events for Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro. According to the job description, “no day is the same,” but key responsibilities include planning gubernatorial events, organizing logistics, traveling to and from events and coordinating schedules and communications materials.

This position requires at least five years of professional experience in operations, campaign management or related fields. Usual hours stretch from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., but candidates should be prepared to work additional hours “given the always-on nature of the Governor’s Office,” according to the job posting.

This position is based in Dauphin County.

Licensed psychologist manager

Salary: $80,568 to $122,504

Agency: Department of Corrections

Description: The commonwealth is searching for candidates to help lead psychological services at several correctional institutions across Pennsylvania. Licensed psychologist managers would help coordinate psychological services, develop new policies and procedures and consult with staff to help perform psychological testing and evaluate inmates.

These positions generally require experience as a licensed psychologist or previous work treating inmates or individuals with mental illness or behavioral dysfunction, according to the job posting.

Positions are available in Cumberland, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Montgomery, Schuylkill and Wayne counties.

Executive director, Citizens Advisory Council

Salary: $80,568 to $122,504

Agency: Department of Environmental Protection

Description: This position would lead the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Citizens Advisory Council. Founded in 1971, the council reviews the department’s work and provides input on environmental laws and resource management, among other initiatives.

The council’s executive director would help research, analyze and issue recommendations on policy issues, according to the job description. A successful candidate is expected to have at least six years of experience developing, promoting and administering environmental policies, plus a bachelor’s degree. Additional requirements include experience managing advisory boards, interpreting environmental policies and preparing public reports and other documents.

This position is based in Dauphin County.

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