DNC chair Perez: ‘I can’t think of a damn thing’ Trump is doing well

Newly elected Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez believes President Trump hasn’t done anything to improve life for Americans since taking office Jan. 20.

“I can’t think of a damn thing,” said Perez in a Tuesday interview with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric when asked if Trump has done anything well. “He’s dividing America, he purports to be making America safer, but he deports abuelita or the DREAMer. The Muslim ban was unconstitutional. Don’t ask me — talk to the Republican judge who took a look at it.”

He continued: “You look at the divisiveness every single day. You look at our standing around the world. He hasn’t made us safer. He hasn’t made it easier to buy a home. He hasn’t done anything to lift people’s wages. This is an unmitigated disaster.”

Perez also defended Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., who was dogged by his past associations with the Nation of Islam and his past defense of its founder, Louis Farrakhan, who had made anti-Semitic comments. Ellison was the runner-up to Perez in DNC chair balloting and will be bringing Perez to Trump’s joint address to Congress as his guest.

“I think it’s important to look at the totality of everything,” said Perez, who made Ellison deputy chair at the DNC after winning the Saturday competition to lead the party. “Keith Ellison is a friend of the Jewish community. Keith Ellison and I are working together to make sure we’re moving forward. We know that a united Israel, an Israel in which we are defending them, an Israel where we are collaborating with them on a two-state solution.”

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