DIY a Hoth Winter Wonderland With Star Wars Snowflakes

Eric Larson
DIY a Hoth Winter Wonderland With Star Wars Snowflakes
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Admiral Ackbar

More good news for Star Wars enthusiasts. As if an announcement of a new franchise and Angry Birds collaboration weren't enough, fans of the series can now decorate their homes like a Hoth blizzard using a swanky, do-it-yourself collection of paper snowflake designs.

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Artist Anthony Herrera released a set of snowflake sketches of the franchise's most memorable characters. He's got 'em all: Luke, Leia, C-3PO, Yoda -- even an X-Wing ship.

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Of course, cutting out the intricate patterns takes a bit of Yoda-like patience ("Nooo!"), but how often does the chance to hang a dozen Admiral Ackbar snowflakes in your living room come about? It's about as rare a barri on Tatooine.

The snowflakes are available to download on Herrera's website. There's also a tutorial video explaining the best ways to fold before cutting.

Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorites. What other cool Star Wars-themed holiday decorations have you seen this year?

Admiral Ackbar

We promise it's not a trap -- just an awesome snowflake. Image courtesy of Anthony Herrera Designs

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Image courtesy of Anthony Herrera Designs

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