DIY an 'Edible Arrangement' You'll Actually Want in Your Home

Have you ever considered assembling a bouquet using vegetables? No? Well, we think it’s something you should try. A vegetable centerpiece is elegant, seasonal and just a bit whimsical, which means it’s the perfect eye catching addition to your table or mantelpiece. 


  • Fresh vegetables such as kale, radishes, artichokes, etc..

  • Floral spikes

  • Wide vase or bowl

  • Fabric napkin

  • Floral foam- ‘Oasis’


  • Garden snips



1. Lay a napkin in a glass vessel, letting a good deal hang over the edge as a ‘drape’.


2. Chose vegetables in varying shapes and sizes. 


3. Soak the floral oasis in water and place it in the center of the wide vase.

4. Starting with the kale pieces, create a tall fan around the back edge of the vase.


5. Take your artichoke’s ‘petals’ and bend them backwards to look like a flower.

6. Spike some of the root veg so that you can stab them into the floral foam, creating your bouquet.


7. Continue until all the foam is covered and you have a full bouquet.


Hint: Grouping together some of the same color vegetables creates a wonderful ‘painterly’ effect (i.e. carrots with golden beets, or purple turnips with purple cabbage.)


This vegetable centerpiece will rival any flower bouquet, and once it’s past its peak - vegetable stew!

Flowers can be expensive and, depending on where you live, they can be hard to come by during the fall and winter months. That doesn’t, mean you can’t have a stunning bouquet to brighten up you home, however. Using vegetables as ‘flowers’ is a great alternative. They come in all the colors of the rainbow, varying shapes and sizes, and are usually readily available in one form or another.

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A block of floral oasis and a few floral spikes will serve as the tools you need to turn your veggies into a work of art.

When you think about it, does’t cauliflower look like a tight bouquet of flowers as it is? And aren’t artichokes the green dahlias of the vegetable world?

The good news is, there’s no need to feel wasteful here. Once you’re tired of your bouquet, or the veggies start to look a little lackluster, turn them into something delicious!

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