Disturbing new details emerge on Track Palin's arrest

Disturbing new details emerge on Track Palin's arrest

Sarah Palin's family was thrust back into the spotlight over the weekend after her son Track Palin was arrested over a domestic violence incident, and newly released details from the police affidavit paint a dark picture of what happened.

A 28-year-old war veteran, Track Palin has been charged with first-degree burglary, fourth-degree assault and criminal mischief.

According to police records, Track Palin is accused of breaking into his parents' home and beating his father during a domestic dispute. His mother, Sarah Palin, reportedly called police during the incident warning that her son was "freaking out and was on some type of medication."

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The affidavit filed by Wasilla Police Officer Adam LaPointe also claims Track told his father, Todd Palin that he planned "to beat his ass."

Todd Palin allegedly brandished a gun for protection when his son first arrived, and at one point during their encounter Track Palin pleaded with his father to shoot him, according to the affidavit.

Both Todd and Sarah Palin were leaving the house when police arrived on the scene. The police officers reported that Track yelled at them while they approached the house, at one point calling them "peasants," but that they were ultimately able to take him into custody without incident.

This is not Track's first brush with the law. He was arrested in 2016 after his girlfriend reported that he struck her with a closed fist and kicked her on the ground before threatening to kill himself with an AR-15 rifle.

He ultimately plead guilty to misconduct in possessing a weapon while intoxicated and the prosecution dismissed all further charges.

At the time, his mother, Sarah Palin, seemed to suggest PTSD could have played a role in the incident during a campaign rally alongside Donald Trump, describing how some soldiers return home in a different state of mind "than when they left for the war zone."

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"When my own son is going through what he goes through coming back, I can certainly relate to other families who feel these ramifications of PTSD," she said.

Track Palin served in the Iraq War.

Neither of his parents have formally commented on this incident.

"Given the nature of actions addressed ... by law enforcement and the charges involved, the Palins are unable to comment further," they said in a statement issued by their attorney. "They ask that the family's privacy is respected during this challenging situation just as others dealing with a struggling family member would also request."

He currently remains in custody.