District Attorney's task force makes another arrest

Dec. 1—District Attorney Erik Johnson announced earlier this week the arrest of Theodore Lee Hermes by his District Attorney's Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force.

Hermes, age 49, was arrested Tuesday evening at his residence located at 917 Williams in Ada, by agents of the DA Task Force for distribution of narcotics, including Xanax and methamphetamine and multiple weapons violations. Seized in this operation were 125 Xanax pills, 50 grams of methamphetamine, two vials of liquid methamphetamine, two loaded firearms, along with drug proceeds and drug distribution equipment.

Hermes has several previous felony convictions and is currently incarcerated at the Pontotoc County Justice Center.

"I am very proud of my District Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force," Johnson said. "They are doing excellent work keeping our District 22 communities safe by taking dangerous drugs off the streets, and getting guns out of the hands of criminals." This task force is comprised of law enforcement officers from the Ada Police Department, Seminole County Sheriff's Department, City of Seminole Police Department, Seminole Nation Lighthorse Officers along with DA agents. Also assisting in this operation were the Pontotoc County Sheriff's Office and Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse.

"When I assumed this position as District Attorney, one of my primary goals in year one was to build a strong Task Force again to go after the narcotic dealers in our communities," Johnson said "In the last year this task force has grown from two agents to its current eight members, and I plan to continue this growth to hit the illegal drug market where it hurts."

Johnson also stated that this task force is effective because of the involvement of federal, state and tribal law enforcement resources, as well as the involvement of the Attorney General's Organized Crime Task Force.

Agents from this DA Task force arrested two Fentanyl dealers in Ada three weeks ago, and last week arrested a dealer in Wewoka that included the seizure of multiple firearms and narcotics.