Dispute between judge and clerk’s office may delay pay to Jefferson County employees

PINE BLUFF, Ark. — Employees of Jefferson County may see delays in receiving their paychecks for the April 30 pay period.

The county faced a similar situation earlier this month.

A letter to elected officials from the Jefferson County clerk’s office Friday night says the payroll claim was returned unsigned by the county judge for a third time.

Direct deposit payments are issued two days prior to payday, according to the clerk’s office.

Jefferson County judge approves payroll after denying it 3 times, causing financial uncertainty for county employees

That means the April 30 payments could be delayed if the matter is not resolved.

County Judge Gerald Robinson is responsible for signing off on the more than $400,000.00 in monthly payments to County employees.

On Friday, he issued two court orders.

One requested that the April 30 payroll be reduced by a total of $4,866.65.

In the court order, that amount includes $3,850.71 to one employee and $1,015.94 to another.

Jefferson County judge responds to payroll controversy, layoffs

KARK 4 News has not yet received documentation detailing the judge’s objections to those payments.

The other court order cited the law Judge Robinson says gives him the authority to authorize and approve disbursement of appropriated county funds.

The county clerk’s office says it “cannot operate payroll based on a court order requesting any amounts to be deducted from payroll”, which means the payroll for all county employees currently cannot be processed.

The matter is on the agenda for a community meeting Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. at the Reynolds Center in Pine Bluff.

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