Disneyland's Toontown Bomber Has Been Apprehended

Connor Simpson

After a day of sleuthing, Roger Rabbit's name has been cleared. Investigators have caught the man who set off a small explosion and forced the evacuation of an entire section of Disneyland for a few hours Tuesday evening. KTLA and ABC7 report Christian Barnes, a 22-year-old outdoor vending cast member, has been arrested and booked on suspicion of possessing a destructive device. He's currently being held by the Anaheim Police Department on $1 million bail, because any crime at Disneyland is the most serious crime. You do not mess with Toontown. 

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This sounds kind of trivial, but a small explosion was heard in a garbage can in Disneyland's Toontown Tuesday evening — and Disneyland is no slouch in the happy tourism department. The theme park evacuated visitors for about two hours before giving the all-clear to return. Police later found pieces of an exploded plaster water bottle in the trash can. This led investigators to believe the bang was caused by a dry-ice bomb.

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If you put dry ice in a water bottle, the ensuing chemical reaction can cause an explosion. This is nothing like putting a Mentos in a soda bottle. There are many videos demonstrating the dry ice/water bottle experiment on YouTube. Do not try this at home: 

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The explosion seems to be fairly loud, and almost resembles a gun shot, so you can understand why authorities took the incident so seriously. (Because "water bottle exploding in a trashcan" doesn't sound very threatening on the surface.) Police say this was an isolated incident with "unanticipated impacts."