Disney Could Receive A $50-Million Payout On An Insurance Policy It Took Out On Carrie Fisher


Fans of the Star Wars franchise are still coming to terms with Carrie Fisher’s death after a heart attack. Mark Hamill has been continuing to pay respects to his friend and longtime co-star, and meanwhile, headlines about Disney’s reportedly staggering insurance policy on Fisher are beginning to circulate.

Insurance Insider reveals how, in the event that Fisher became unable to fulfill her contractual obligations to portray Princess Leia in the newest slate of Star Wars films, a policy stipulated that Disney could receive a $50-million payout. The policy was underwritten by a New Jersey agency for Lloyd’s of London and looks set to trigger after the star’s passing.

Fisher had completed work for the upcoming Episode VIII, but filming on Episode IX — which would have starred her in a substantial capacity — had yet to begin. Insurance Insider notes that this payout would be the insurance industry’s highest ever single-person accident claim if it happens:

Sources said that the claim would be widely spread within the Lloyd’s personal accident market, with more than 20 carriers on the binder.

However, the loss would cause substantial damage to the 2016 underwriting result for the segment, with some Lloyd’s insurers writing personal accident books with $10mn or less of annual premiums.

With the loss of Fisher still so raw, Disney has yet to reveal how Fisher’s absence will affect Episode IX. However and immediately after Fisher’s death, the question arose of how Disney could honor Fisher and her iconic character. Will she be portrayed through unused footage, or simply spoken of in an offscreen manner? The overwhelming call from fans is that a CGI portrayal should be avoided at all costs.

(Via Insurance Insider, The Independent & Mediaite)