Discover Weekly: Beady Eye

The most underrated band of the century, Beady Eye were the straggler band of former Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher. Forming in 2009, subsequently the same year as the demise of Oasis, and then dissipating in late 2014 after the release of two albums, both laced with Psychedelic influences.

Gallagher has always been a fan of The Beatles, idolising John Lennon’s style, voice and song writing skills, honouring Lennon by creating an entire clothing label, Pretty Green on his style. But, Beady Eye were very psychedelic, the album artwork, band title, and the music videos, next level Psychedelic design, man.

Despite reeling off two albums full of great songs, lyrically and structurally. Beady Eye were often overlooked, especially with the music media. By 2009, Liam Gallagher’s voice had cracked under the incessant use of alcohol, drugs and smoking.

But, Beady Eye who were comprised of 3 former Oasis members, soldiered on, being criticised endlessly by newspapers, media outlets and almost every music magazine out there. Well, I thought they were good.

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Best Songs to listen too: “Don’t Brother Me”, “Flick of The Finger”, “Four Letter Word”.