Disappointed in 35th District's support for assault weapons

On March 9 Rep.s Dan Griffey and Travis Couture of the 35th District voted against a minimal attempt to get assault weapons off the street. Do they not understand that most Americans want a total ban on assault weapons? Who is influencing them? They held a mutual admiration phone-in Town Hall for an hour on Friday, March 10, for preprogrammed MAGA supporters. Obviously there was no one else welcome.

Griffey and Couture live a few blocks away from each other in Lakeland Village, where I also live. The sound of rapid fire weapons is heard so often on the perimeter of hole ten on the Lakeland golf course that you wonder if you need a fox hole, a flak jacket or at least a helmet. Are they shooting beer cans, bunnies or Bambies?

Couture thinks everyone should be able to have an assault weapon “to take care of predators” and “that they are the most popular firearms in our society.” Assault weapons are designed to kill people. No one needs an assault weapon! Step up Dan and Travis.

Bob Pickles, Allyn

This article originally appeared on Kitsap Sun: Disappointed in 35th District's support for assault weapons