'Die Hard' Blows Up President's Day Weekend

Connor Simpson
The Atlantic Wire

Welcome to the Box Office Report, where Bruce Willie will never age into a period of bad sequels to his old movies like Stallone did, right?

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1. A Good Day to Die Hard (Fox): $25 million in 3,553 theaters

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You know that old saying? "If you build it, they will come," from Field of Dreams? That's the philosophy behind this. The fifth Die Hard is terrible. Everyone thinks it's terrible. But that isn't stopping it from making a small fortune in its opening weekend. Will it gross as much in the end as other Die Hard movies? No, but that doesn't matter. Let's just hope they won't drag Willis out again for another round. 

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2. Identity Thief (Universal): $23.4 million in 3,165 theaters [Week 2]

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Hey, so this almost stole the number one spot in its second weekend? With three new movies opening? Try and say Melissa McCarthy isn't a star now. You can't do it, so don't try. 

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3. Safe Haven (Relativity): $ 21.4 million in 3,223 theaters

The diminishing star power in Nicholas Sparks' books made into movies is kind of hilarious, no? When you start off with Channing Tatum in The Vow, and move to Zac Efron in The Lucky One to Transformers and Las Vegas star Josh Duhamel in this thing. 

4. Escape from Planet Earth (Weinstein Company): $16 million in 3,288 theaters

Which of these sad actors is not involved in this movie: Brendan Fraser; Sarah Jessica Parker; Jessica Alba; Steve Zahn; William Shatner or George Lopez? Tell us the answer in the comments. 

5. Warm Bodies (Summit): $11.5 million in 3,009 theaters [Week 3]

This modest little zombie romcom is still plugging away and it makes our heart beat faster. People are seeing this and liking this and that's a good thing for zombie romcom fans.