How Did ‘Teen Wolf’ End?

The series finale of “Teen Wolf” started in a surprising way. Instead of picking up where we left off with the pack being attacked by hunters, the MTV drama started and ended its final hour by skipping ahead to show audiences what the future has in store.

The “Teen Wolf” finale seems to start up a few years in the future. Scott wakes up in a motel room where Argent wakes him up with a mission. In a voiceover, Scott talks about a familiar story about a teenager running for his life from hunters. We see a new teenager, Alec, running from arrows being shot at him. Scott is actually telling this story to Alec. They’ve saved him from the hunters.

Alec says everyone he knows is dead, and he asks Scott how his story ends. That’s when we get back to where we left off last week.

The hunters are attacking the pack. They even manage to put several bullets in Deucalion’s chest. Scott and the pack have resorted to hiding when Scott and Stiles pull up and run over one of the hunters. “You didn’t think you were going to do this without me, did you?” Stiles asks.

“Without us?” Derek corrects.

Teen Wolf Stiles
Teen Wolf Stiles

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) returned home in the “Teen Wolf” series finale. Photo: MTV/Scott Everett White

What comes next is a tough battle that ends with the pack scaring away the remaining hunters. After they run away, Deucalion tells Scott that Gerard is scared he can’t beat Scott. That piece of advice turns out to be Deucalion’s dying words.

The pack knows they are at war now. Gerard starts reciting Shakespeare to them over the police radio. He reveals that Jackson is being held hostage at the Armory, and Parrish is locked up at Eichen House. Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s department has Scott’s dad behind bars. The hunters even planted some fighters at the hospital, hoping to take out Liam, Corey, Mason, Theo and maybe even Scott’s mother. “The dogs of war, Scott. They’re coming for you,” Gerard warns.

Nolan is knocked out at the hospital, but Melissa wakes him up. She says that he has to help take back the hospital. Mama McCall might not have superpowers, but she has a powerful taser.

The remaining pack members went to the animal hospital to strategize. Stiles tells the group how his FBI internship led him to Derek. Stiles convinced the FBI to take him along on the field operation and claims he heroically saved Derek’s life. Derek interrupts to clarify that he was the one who carried Stiles out. The intern was shot in the toe during the op, and he didn’t handle the pain well.

The Beacon Hills teens tell Stiles and Derek about the Anuk-Ite. They explain that they cannot look at the fear-causing monster, at which point Stiles reveals that his greatest fear is going blind. Scott sends Lydia and Stiles to the Armory to save Jackson, but Stiles says that’s exactly what Gerard wants.

Teen Wolf series finale Derek
Teen Wolf series finale Derek

Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) came back because he knew Scott needed him in the “Teen Wolf” series finale. Photo: MTV/Scott Everett White

Scott’s plan is to stop the Anuk-Ite, and that’ll stop the majority of the hunters. Most of these people are just being influenced by the demon. They’ll put their guns down once he is dead. He wants to head to the high school with Malia, Derek and Peter.

Peter gets to the school first. He reveals that the Anuk-Ite is turning its victims to stone. After Peter hangs up the phone, he thinks he hears Malia calling him. He turns around, but he’s facing the Anuk-Ite and turning to stone.

Jackson taunts his guard at the Armory. He gets the man to come closer and starts talking about his kanima half. Jackson takes him out with his tail just as Lydia and Stiles come to save him. Lydia and Jackson are clearly still very fond of each other, and Stiles seems a little jealous for a second. Then Jackson says they need to get Ethan.

Teen Wolf series finale Jackson
Teen Wolf series finale Jackson

Jackson (Colton Haynes) came out to Lydia (Holland Roden) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien, right) in the “Teen Wolf” series finale. Photo: MTV/Scott Everett White

It seems Jackson and Lydia haven’t kept in touch with each other because this is definitely news to Lydia. “Oh my god, I thought you’d never figure it out,” Lydia says.

Scott calls and tells Stiles to grab something important from the Armory before they leave.

Scott tells Malia and Derek that they have to wait for Stiles, but Malia runs into the hallway at the high school. Scott tries to hold her back, but Monroe shows up to shoot Scott with some yellow wolfsbane. Malia goes after Monroe, and Derek goes to a chemistry classroom to burn the poison out.

Meanwhile, Liam and Theo decide that they don’t want to die for each other, but they can fight together. They take out a hallway full of hunters. When one is about to shoot them, Melissa takes him out with the taser. Nolan is there helping her.

Teen Wolf Theo Liam
Teen Wolf Theo Liam

Theo (Cody Christian) and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) put aside their differences to fight the hunters in the final episode of “Teen Wolf.” Photo: MTV/Scott Everett White

At Eichen House, the Sheriff goes to save Parrish. He knows the deputies guarding Parrish aren’t going to shoot him. The boys don’t think he’s very threatening. “What are you, like 60?” one asks.

In what might be his best scene ever, the Sheriff proceeds to easily beat up the deputies and orders them to let Parrish go. They follow his commands, and they also help him set Agent McCall free. Parrish, Agent McCall and the Sheriff head to the hospital to help Melissa and the boys.

At the high school, Lydia, Jackson and Ethan split up after the Anuk-Ite makes its presence known. Lydia stumbles upon Malia, who has been turned to stone. Jackson thinks he hears Ethan, but it’s the Anuk-Ite messing with his head. They both turn to stone.

After Scott passes out, Derek hears something and has to investigate. The Anuk-Ite takes on the form of Jennifer, the Darach who was once his girlfriend. She guilts him about letting her die, but Derek is determined to keep his eyes closed. He can’t hold off for too long, though. He eventually opens his eyes and turns to stone.

Teen Wolf series finale
Teen Wolf series finale

Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) saves Scott (Tyler Posey), but he cannot save himself from the Anuk-Ite in the “Teen Wolf” series finale. Photo: MTV/Jessica Brooks

At the Armory, Gerard shoots his daughter Kate with his last yellow wolfsbane bullet. Chris comes in to confront Gerard. He reveals that Scott is going to save everyone. Gerard blames Scott for destroying his family. Chris says his family is right here, but he walks away. He leaves Gerard to face Kate, who goes into full werejaguar mode. It’s unlikely he made it out alive.

Scott fights the Anuk-Ite in the library, and it plays on all of Scott’s fears. The monster takes the form of Void Stiles, the nogitsune, the Oni and others (which was a nice way to pay homage to the show’s past villains). He says Scott failed everyone, especially his beloved Allison. Nothing gets Scott to open his eyes. Instead, the alpha claws his own eyes out. It’s the only way he can make sure he can defeat the villain.

The Anuk-Ite is defeated when Stiles runs in with mountain ash. The dust destroys the monster. This saves everyone who was made into stone just as hunters were about to shoot the statues. When Jackson and Ethan come back to life, a hunter pops up and tries to shoot them. Luckily, Coach steps in and takes him out with a lacrosse stick.

At the hospital, the fight is mostly over, but one of the teen hunters got caught in the crossfire. Theo walks over to him and takes his pain away, allowing the kid to die in peace. Over the radio, Monroe demands someone update her and tell her what’s happening. Liam grabs one of the radios. “You lost,” he says.

However, Scott needs to save himself too. He can’t focus on healing himself, but Derek warns that the damage will be permanent if he doesn’t heal soon. Lydia remembers how she once distracted Stiles from a panic attack. She tells Malia to kiss Scott, and then Scott finally begins to heal.

Teen Wolf series finale Scalia
Teen Wolf series finale Scalia

Scott (Tyler Posey) is saved by Malia (Shelley Hennig) in the “Teen Wolf” series finale. Photo: MTV/Jessica Brooks

Monroe and the remaining dedicated hunters run away, but most turned their guns in. Nolan and Liam become co-captains of the lacrosse team, and the wolves have more allies now that the town is in on their secret. Everyone seems pretty happy, including Melissa and Argent, who share a kiss.

The show returns to the flash-forward from the beginning of the episode. Scott and Argent take Alec to meet up with Malia, Stiles, Lydia, Derek and Liam. He explains that they’re hunting the hunters. Monroe has thousands of followers now, and they’re trying to make the world safer for werewolves.

Scott asks Alec to join the fight. Alec reveals that Monroe told him he was a monster. “You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf. Like me,” Scott says before the pack marches into the night.

“Teen Wolf” has ended, but check back tomorrow morning for our follow up interview with showrunner Jeff Davis!

Teen Wolf Series Finale Scott
Teen Wolf Series Finale Scott

The “Teen Wolf” series finale ended with Scott (Tyler Posey) still trying to keep werewolves safe. Photo: MTV/Scott Everett White

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