How did quarterback Dwayne Haskins die on a South Florida highway? Here’s what we know.

Gene J. Puskar/Foto: AP

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins was killed on a Broward County highway early Saturday morning.

He was in South Florida for training with some of his teammates.

Details are limited at this time, but here’s what Florida Highway Patrol has said so far:

Haskins was walking on I-595 between the exits for I-95 North and I-95 South. The highway is eight lanes wide at that location — four eastbound and four westbound.

Troopers don’t yet know why he was there.

Haskins tried to cross the westbound lanes of I-595, where there was oncoming traffic.

An oncoming dump truck hit him. The driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with authorities.

Haskins died on the highway.

An investigation is underway with a report anticipated to become public record between 90 and 120 days.

Miami Herald Reporter Rebecca San Juan contributed to this report.