Did Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Take Rainbow Bondage Bear To A Drag Show?

Okay, this stuff with Rainbow Bondage Bear is frazzling our minds more and more by the day, but last night really took the biscuit when another official page for the rainbow stuffed toy appeared on Twitter.

For those at the back, Rainbow Bondage Bear and his small little pal, Sugar Baby Bear, appear to be the mysterious One Direction mascots who have been appearing at random shows as though they are trying to tell the fans something about what’s going on behind the scenes for over a year.

In the last couple of weeks alone the toys have been positioned next to a framed photo of closeted TV personalities Larry Grayson and John Inman, as well as Liberace and Quentin Crisp.

Fans of the boys are pretty much convinced that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are the ones behind dressing the bears, with the band’s drummer, Josh Devine, previously sharing pics with RBB backstage - proving that it is definitely somebody who is close to 1D.

Right, now that we are all caught up, last night - moments before Louis tweeted: ‘BIRMINGHAM OIOI!!!!!’ - the Twitter profile: ‘@RBBSBBOfficial’ appeared, with the first pic being a rainbow pizza.

Following nobody, and gaining 21.4k followers in mere hours, the profile description reads: ‘Official Twitter page of The Bear and his pals.’, and to prove that somebody directly involved with the boys runs the page they followed up with a brand new pic of RBB against a brick wall.

But before you go speculating that the man behind the page is Josh, he has already debunked that theory by tweeting immediately after last night’s show: “Great show tonight!

“Also just for the record, I am NOT in control of anything to do with that bear!! Goodnight! Xx”

Then, perhaps most interestingly, the final pic that the page has posted so far was of RBB with two purple-haired drag queens, with one fan quickly identifying one of them as Boo Sutcliffe, a drag queen that works in the Birmingham area - which is where One Direction played last night.

Pretty much ecstatic with her discovery, the fan tweeted: “Harry and louis took RBB to drag queens in birmingham last night im sweating”, only for Boo to SOMEHOW FIND THE TWEET and retweet it.

ERM, WAS IT JUST CONFIRMED THAT LARRY TOOK RBB TO A DRAG SHOW TOGETHER? Because if so we definitely need to lay down.

When asked by fans who took the picture, Boo insisted that she wasn’t allowed to say but, to be honest, it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist… Does it?