Did Big Lie Booster Mark Meadows Commit Voter Fraud?

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty
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Everything seems to be happening in Georgia these days, including the “cautionary tale, fundraising dynamo and terrifying fascist,” in co-host Molly Jong-Fast’s description, Marjorie Taylor Greene—who’s now up against one lawsuit and multiple candidates doing their damnedest to get her out of Congress.

Charles Bethea of The New Yorker joins to break down his reporting on all that, and to break down his recent scoop about the very unlikely ballot cast in 2020 by former Trump Chief of Staff and still Big Lie enthusiast Mark Meadows:

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“He had recently sold in 2020 his and his wife’s house in the state, and as the election neared I think he wanted to vote in North Carolina, partly because he was thinking about and talking about running for Senate and you want to have a record of voting in the state where you run and he didn’t own a property. So it looks like he did something that’s still sort of inexplicable, but, and he hasn’t given us a reason–”

“Some call it voter fraud,” interjects Molly.

“It looks like voter fraud, smells like voter fraud,” says Bethea, adding “I’m just not really sure why he didn’t, you know, do something else… There’s lots of legal loopholes he could have used to legally register. And instead he attached his name on his registration to a mobile home where he’d never slept, had never visited and didn’t own. And that’s voter fraud. People without his resources have been charged with doing very similar things and have either gone to jail or been put on probation. And it’ll be interesting to see if he gets the same treatment.”

Plus New Lines Magazine news director and The Daily Beast contributing editor Michael Weiss rejoins the pod to explain what’s happening in Ukraine now, and why this refugee crisis has electrified the West in a way that the Syrian refugee crisis never quite did—including when Putin militarily intervened there.

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