DGPI to investigate dog slaughter scene

"Oro" director Alvin Yapan is in the risk of being sanctioned by the Guild

6 Jan - There is a risk for "Oro" director Alvin Yapan to be sanctioned by the Directors' Guild of the Philippines, Inc (DGPI).

As reported on Rappler, the DGPI recently released a statement in the wake of the controversy surrounding the killing and gutting of a real dog in the aforementioned movie.

The statement, signed by DGPI President Mike Sandejas, read: "As an institution and the foremost organisation of film and TV directors, DGPI does not condone any illegal act, rights, violations, and animal cruelty committed during the filmmaking process."

"In light of this, DGPI will investigate the complaint brought by PAWS and if appropriate, commensurate sanctions will be imposed on the member."

On the other hand, "Oro" producer Shandii Bacolod recently stated that the team is ready to face any complaints filed against them.

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