Developers are more interested in releasing games on PS4 than Xbox One

Jacob Siegal

PS4 Xbox One Developer Interest
PS4 Xbox One Developer Interest

Sony announced on Tuesday that the PlayStation 4 had stampeded through its goal for the fiscal year to hit 5.3 million sales since launch. The scales have tipped back and forth between Sony’s new console and the Xbox One for the past few months, but now that Sony is beginning to secure a lead, developers are picking sides. According to a poll conducted by the Game Developers Conference, nearly 20% of developers are hoping to release their upcoming games on the PS4, while just under 17% chose the Xbox One.

Analysts concur that the PS4 will continue to lead the home console race in 2014, but this mass approval from the development community is even more hard evidence that favor is swaying Sony’s direction.

Although Microsoft might be disappointed that developers are as intent on having their games released on the Xbox One, the situation isn’t nearly as dire as Nintendo’s. While the PS4 and Xbox One are both sitting above 16% in the poll, the Wii U barely irked out an appearance with just 4.4% of developer interest. In fact, more developers are looking to release their games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively than on the Wii U. Check out the full chart below.

PS4 Xbox One Developer Interest
PS4 Xbox One Developer Interest

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