A Detroit Woman Goes Viral After Casually Taking Shots With Drake At A Bar

A Detroit woman was cool as a cucumber when she ran into Drake at a bar and proceeded to strike up a conversation with the rapper while taking shots. Brittney Keara recorded her unforgettable moment and posted the video on Instagram.

“Went to Joe Muer for happy hour ended up having shots with Drake. He was so cool and polite,” Keara wrote.

As Keara went viral on the internet, other Drake fans could not believe how calm she remained when she ran into the artist.

Keara first asked for permission to record the encounter.

She then orders herself a drink before turning to Drake to hear his choice of beverage.

“I’m a whiskey type of girl,” she told Drake, who asked for tequila.

The casual conversation continued with Keara asking Drake if he’s having fun in Detroit.