Detained ship from Russia allowed to leave German port

BERLIN (Reuters) - A cargo ship from Russia earlier detained in Germany on suspicion of breaching sanctions is now free to leave the port of Rostock, the Stralsund main customs office confirmed on Friday without providing any further details.

The Atlantic Navigator II carried 251 containers of birch wood destined for the United States, which is subject to EU sanctions against Russia, but not to the US ones, prosecutors have said.

The vessel, which is managed by Canada-based CISN and sailing under the Marshall Islands flag, also has enriched uranium for some US clients, exempted from both US and EU sanctions, The Ostsee Zeitung reported.

It was arrested by German customs on March 4 after it had to stop for an unscheduled maintenance after its propeller was damaged.

(Reporting by Markus Wacket, writing by Andrey Sychev; editing by Matthias Williams)