Despite endorsement, Bobby Jindal says he’s not interested in V.P.

Alex Pappas--The Daily Caller

TAMPA, Fla. — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he supports Rick Perry for president, but dismissed suggestions that he’s angling for a spot on the ticket under the Texas governor if he wins the GOP nomination.

“No, I will not be V.P.” Jindal told reporters after the tea party-themed debate hosted by CNN. “I want to be governor of the great state of Louisiana.” (RELATED: Perry, Romney accuse each other of scaring seniors)

Jindal endorsed Perry on Monday. He showed up in Tampa and sat in the audience during Monday’s debate, sponsored by CNN and the Tea Party Express.

Earlier Monday, in a brief interview with The Daily Caller, Jindal explained his endorsement.

“We’ve been talking to Rick for sometime,” Perry told TheDC. “He’s been a neighbor. He was a great neighbor during [Hurricane] Gustav. Helped us tremendously. I’ve seen the great economic track record they got in the state of Texas. He’s somebody who I feel strongly about, that I think will be a great president.”


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