‘We all deserve and desire dignity’: Miranda Hart opens up about Twitter abuse she faces

Miranda Hart has shed light on some of the harsh Twitter abuse she’s endured, saying she’s in “shock” at how “we treat each other”.

The British comedian and actor is best known for her self-titled three-season BBC sitcom Miranda, which ran from 2009 to 2015.

She led the semi-autobiographical series as Miranda, who was the owner of a joke shop and boutique.

In a tweet shared on Friday (3 March), Hart, 50 wrote: “I naively thought Twitter ‘abuse’ might’ve eased.

“It doesn’t bother me that someone says I deserve cancer coz I’m unfunny or look pregnant with weight gain.

“It’s the shock of how we treat each other,” Hart added. “We all deserve & desire dignity so why do we forget to give that to fellow humans?”

Many users responded in support, with one agreeing that “Twitter can be a vicious place”.

“It can also be a lovely and caring one, of course, but sadly that doesn’t make the viciousness any easier to take. Anyway, sending all available positive energy!” they added.

“As someone going through cancer, I can say NO ONE deserves it, and certainly not you,” a second commented. “You bring joy to so many, and you deserve nothing less than love and respect.”

A third wrote: “You have given my kids and me a HUGE amount of fun and laughter over the years, we think you’re fab.”

“ Pls know you are well loved by so many,” another person commented. “You have honestly created one of the best, the funniest, and one of the ultimate comfort shows ever.”

In April of last year, Hart addressed rumours of a possible revival of Miranda.

“It’s so lovely when some people get excited there might be more Miranda,” the message began. “Means a lot. But I’m afraid what was in the papers today didn’t come from me.

She concluded the note by confirming that there is “nothing planned at this time”

“And yes Twitter I look forward to all the ‘thank God for that’ etc ! This just for the few that were excited. No need to tell me that you’re relieved,” Hart added in the caption.