Derailment, blast crumple buildings near Baltimore

May 28, 2013

WHITE MARSH, Md. (AP) — The fire chief says no toxic inhalants are burning at the site of a freight train derailment outside Baltimore.

Baltimore County Fire Chief John J. Hohman said at a news conference Tuesday that fire crews would let the fire on two remaining cars burn out.

CSX spokesman Gary Sease says in an email that sodium chlorate is on one of the trains.

He says the Department of Transportation classifies it as a hazardous material.

But Hohman says the chemical is not in one of the cars that is burning. Fire officials did not order an evacuation.

They had advised anyone within 20 blocks who can see the smoke to leave but said later people could stay.

The derailment in White Marsh led to an explosion that rattled homes at least a half-mile away and collapsed nearby buildings.