Deputy Prosecutor General Symonenko resigns

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Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin dismissed his deputy Oleksiy Symonenko on Jan. 24.

Symonenko, who has been alleged of corruption, submitted his resignation on Jan. 23 after a scandal over a foreign trip.

Symonenko went for a vacation to Spain in December-January using a Mercedes car owned by Lviv-based businessman Grigory Kozlovsky, according to an investigation by the online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda.

Kozlovsky is a co-owner of Vynnyky Tobacco Factory, which has been alleged of mass production of cigarettes for the black market and investigated for tax evasion.

Following the news, the National Security and Defense Council on Jan. 23 banned all top officials from traveling abroad when it’s not connected to their jobs. The ban includes heads of all public agencies, their deputies, and heads of departments, as well as judges and prosecutors.

Officially, all men of 18-60 years old are banned from leaving Ukraine during martial law. Exceptions can be requested for trips related to volunteer work, journalistic work, and other activities.

Symonenko has also been accused of blocking corruption cases and persecuting opposition politicians to curry favor with incumbent authorities.