Denmark announces more than $815 million in new military assistance for Ukraine

The Danish government announced a new package of military assistance for Ukraine on May 16 worth 5.6 billion Danish kroner (~$815 million).

The package is the 18th such delivery of military aid, the Danish Defense Ministry said. It includes 2.4 billion Danish kroner ($349 million) earmarked for air defense, as well as artillery pieces, shells, and other ammunition.

The package also allocates funds for future support of Ukraine's F-16 fighter jets, which will likely begin arriving in the summer. The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, and Norway have pledged to supply Ukraine with dozens of U.S.-made fourth-generation jets.

Denmark earlier confirmed it would send the first batch of the fighter jets to Ukraine this summer, while the Netherlands plans to start delivering them in the autumn.

"With today's donation, we meet Ukraine's urgent need for more air defense, artillery, and ammunition," said Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen.

"The situation in Ukraine is very serious. There is no doubt that the Ukrainians need continued and massive support from allies," said Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen.

"With this package, we are sending an unequivocal signal to both Ukraine and the outside world."

According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW Kiel), which tracks international aid for Ukraine, Denmark is the fourth largest provider of military aid to Kyiv, committing around 4.7 billion euros ($5.1 billion) as of February 2024.

At 1.3% of GDP, Denmark is the second largest provider of military aid in terms of percentage of GDP.

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