Demonstrators protest stay-at-home orders in Virginia

Floyd Bayne, who said he learned about the demonstration on State Senator Amanda Chase's Facebook page, acknowledged the coronavirus is dangerous for certain people but said, "we don't shut down the country every time a virus comes along."

"If you can't make the choices for yourself, you no longer live in a free country," said the unemployed 63-year-old. "Now, we're being told that if you get 10 or more people together in one place, the government is going to come in and arrest people."

The protest in Richmond is the latest in a series of demonstrations this week around the country.

On Wednesday, thousands of Michigan residents blocked traffic in Lansing, the state capital, while protesters in Kentucky disrupted Democratic Governor Andy Beshear's afternoon news briefing on the pandemic, chanting "We want to work!"

States including Utah, North Carolina and Ohio also saw demonstrations this week, and more are planned for the coming days, including in Oregon, Idaho and Texas.