Democrats pop balloons, cut cake, sing Happy Birthday to Medicare, Medicaid [VIDEO]

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Democratic congressional leaders celebrated the anniversaries of Medicare and Medicaid on Capitol Hill where Illinois congresswomen Jan Schakowsky popped balloons symbolizing what she called “myths” about the 2010 the health care law.

“A week does not go by that someone doesn’t come into my office and say, ‘I cannot wait until I’m 65 years old. I’m counting the days so that I can get my knees fixed, so that I can do this procedure or that procedure,’ waiting until they have insurance covered by Medicare that is going to provide them the care that they need,” Schakowsky said Wednesday at the Capitol.

“These are Medicare and Medicaid lifelines for those who otherwise would be priced out of medical care and denied coverage by private insurers.”

Democratic Caucus Chair Rep. John Larson of Connecticut, Rep. John Dingell of Michigan, Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York, Rep. Xavier Bacerra of California and Puerto Rico Delegate Pedro Pierluisi joined Schakowsky for the ceremony.

“Obamacare cuts Medicare benefits,” Schakowsky said of one “myth” before popping its symbolic balloon. “Not only are [there] no guaranteed benefit cuts but we add — cut — we add benefits such as free preventive services and the annual wellness visit.”

Schakowsky also said it’s untrue that “Obamacare weakens Medicare” by cutting $500 billion in spending.

“Fact: Obamacare doesn’t cut any Medicare guaranteed benefits or increase anybody’s cost sharing,” she said.

To close the event, the Democrats cut a cake and distributed pieces to the attendees.

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Democrats pop balloons, cut cake, sing Happy Birthday to Medicare, Medicaid [VIDEO]

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