Democrat running for Congress uses tea party dad in ad

Dylan Stableford
Yahoo News

Carl Sciortino Jr., a Democratic candidate in the special election for Massachusetts' 5th Congressional District, released a campaign ad Tuesday featuring his conservative father who describes the moment his son told him he was running for Congress.

"It was bad enough he went after the big banks and corporations in the legislature," Carl Sciortino Sr. says in the 60-second spot. "He wants to go to Congress to take on the NRA and the tea party."

Sciortino Sr. is a member of the tea party.

"I won't give up on an assault weapons ban," Sciortino Jr. says.

"Or universal background checks, or banning high capacity magazines ..." the elder Sciortino interjects.

"Also the right to choose, equal pay for women and equal rights for, well, everybody," the progressive candidate, one of the few openly gay members of Massachusetts House, continues.

"He's been like this for 35 years," an exasperated Sciortino Sr. says.

Sciortino Jr. is one of seven Democrats vying to succeed Mass. Rep. Edward Markey, who was elected to the U.S. Senate in June.

The ad, appropriately titled "Father's Son," ends with Sciortino Jr. saying, "I still love you Dad."

"You too, son," Sciortino Sr. replies.

The exchange has already thawed the cold hearts of several political reporters.