Dem Insiders Bet on Clinton in 2016

James A. Barnes

If Barack Obama loses his reelection bid, who do you think will be the front-runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination?

Democrats (154 votes)

Hillary Rodham Clinton    74%
“Someone else”    13%
Martin O’Malley    5%
Barack Obama    4%
Also receiving votes: Andrew Cuomo, Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, and Mark Warner, 1% each.

“If Hillary decides to make another run, it’s hard to see how she won’t immediately consolidate that power with support from almost all wings of the party.”

“One thing is certain: The Democrats won’t make the mistake of passing Hillary over a second time.”

“Clinton would be the front-runner if Obama loses. Only a disastrous four years
of Republican rule would entice Obama to run again.”

“It’s hers if she wants it!”

“There’s no way Obama would run again if he loses. And there would be no support for it. The view would be that he had his chance, and now it’s Hillary’s turn—which half the party wanted in 2008.”

“When Teddy Kennedy died, there were few national Democrats left to pick up the mantle. She stands above the rest and has proven herself as secretary of State.”

“An Obama loss would have consequences, and the Democratic base would be
open to embracing Hillary. As a defeated candidate, Obama would remain a significant player in the party, but as the country looked elsewhere, the party would too.”

“HRC in a walk.”

“Obama would have a hard time coming back, having given just about everybody in the party the back of his hand.”

“Many [are] still suffering from buyer’s remorse.”

“If he loses, he is done.”

“Has the résumé and skill set to be the best of the ‘turn-the-page’ candidates.”

“Is he Grover Cleveland II? Obama might be. Demographics are moving
Obama’s direction, and Romney smells like Carter, an accident.”

Other comments
“Andrew Cuomo: fresh face, passionate energy, well-known name,
experience in governing.”

“After [Tuesday night], Michelle Obama—and that’s for real.”


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