Delta pilots picket in Seattle over scheduling issues

STORY: Marching in neatly pressed uniforms and captain hats, more than 100 pilots from Delta Airlines protested at Seattle’s airport on Tuesday.

Their union says Delta practices on staffing and scheduling – are forcing the pilots to fly, ‘long and fatiguing’ trips.

Captain Jason Ambrosi is chairman of the body that represents Delta pilots in their union.

“We’re out here to visibly take our message to Delta management that they need to address our fatiguing and poor quality schedules. We would like to engage them on common sense solutions to improve the lives of our members."

It comes after the airline reported a record spike in demand for travel last week.

The protests are now in their fifth of six planned events across the U.S.

Delta Air Lines responded in a written statement, saying that pilot schedules remain in line with all requirements set by the federal airline authority as well as what is stated in their contracts.

Tuesday’s picketing pilots and 1,400 other members in Delta’s ALPA Union have been back at the bargaining table with Delta management after a two-year hiatus due to the global health crisis.