Deleting Your Instagram Account? Here's How to Save Your Pics

Sarah Kessler
April 9, 2012

Facebook is buying Instagram -- and some Instagram users aren't happy about it.

Whether unhappy users will actually follow through with it, they're tweeting that they'll delete their Instagram accounts because of the acquisition.

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The fear is that in addition to the company, Facebook has acquired all of that location-tagged photo data from its users and will use it to target ads at them. Neither company has commented publicly about whether the data will, in fact, be used by Facebook.

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If you're in the camp that's deleting your Instagram account regardless (which you can do through this link), you don't have to give up your photo library in the process. Here are a few ways to save it:

  • Instaport: In two steps, it downloads your entire library onto a single zip file.
  • Copygram: The primary function of Copygram is to provide a web interface for Instagram. It also allows you to download your library and pictures from other users' feeds.

Keep in mind that some of these services are running slow today, apparently due to a rush of users.


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