Your Deleted Facebook Photos Will Now Be Gone Forever

Amanda Pittman
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1. TMI Parents

Anything shared on Facebook, as with the Internet as a whole, is nearly impossible to remove. This is especially true of any unwanted pictures that may have been uploaded to the site.

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Until recently, pictures deleted from Facebook were still accessible by entering the image's direct URL. So, while the pictures may have disappeared from your profile, or that of whomever had uploaded them, they were still available within Facebook's server.

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The latest change deletes images permanently from the Facebook server within a couple of days. Check out the video above to learn more about the change.


1. TMI Parents

We love your babies, really we do. We do not, however, relish vivid descriptions of their every wee wee and poopee. And we especially don't look forward to 46 similar posts every single day.

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