Delaware County radio stations taken off air

Jan. 26—Three Delaware County radio stations owned by Townsquare Media Group have been taken off the air.

According to a report on, Townsquare Media Group, which owns stations in Norwich, Oneonta and Delaware County, filed a Special Temporary Authority filing with the Federal Communications Commission to turn off 97.5 WTBD-FM Delhi, and the simulcast of "The Eagle" 94.7 WIYN Deposit/100.3 WDHI Delhi/Oneonta.

According to the filing, Townsquare Media Group said the reason for taking the stations off the air was, "Due to economic conditions in the market, the licensee was forced to take the station off the air temporarily. The licensee respectfully requests special temporary authority for the station to remain silent. The licensee will promptly notify the Commission when it is able to resume station operations."

In letters of response dated Jan. 25, the FCC accepted the company's request to temporarily turn off the stations. "Accordingly, Special Temporary Authority is granted to permit Station WIYN(FM) [WTBD(FM), WDHI(FM)] to remain silent not to exceed 180 days from the date of this letter," the letter said. "Notwithstanding the grant of this Special Temporary Authority, the broadcast license for Station WIYN(FM) [WTBD(FM), WDHI(FM)] will automatically expire as a matter of law if broadcast operations do not resume by 12:01 a.m., January 6, 2025."

The letter said the company must notify the commission when it resumes broadcast operations.

When one searches WDHI and clicks on the website, the website that comes up is STAR 93.9 out of Norwich, which is also owned by Townsquare Media. The WTBD website is redirected to the company's AM stations 730 and 1270.

People in Delaware County have also noticed WDLA out of Walton has also been off the air for a while. According to FCC records, the company has not filed a Special Temporary Authority request from the FCC. However, when a person visits the WDLA website, there is no option to listen live like the other radio stations Townsquare Media Group owns in the area — WKXZ Norwich, WZOZ Oneonta, WSRK Oneonta and WBKT Norwich.

The building the company has its studios at 34-36 Chestnut Street in Oneonta is listed for sale through the Benson Agency Real Estate for $500,000. Emails to Robert Wawrzyniec, who is listed as market president on the WDLA website, were not returned as of press time.