Delano business to move, but customers can keep their same parking spaces

Kirsten and Adam Phillips were disappointed to learn they lost their lease for their Spektrum Muzik in Delano, but they’ve found several bright sides in having to move the record store.

As they told their customers on Facebook, “the great news is that whatever parking spot you use currently when you visit us, will still work for the new location!”

That’s because the new address at 112 S. Handley is about 300 feet from the current space at 905 W. Douglas.

“It’s definitely a bummer to be losing that . . . Douglas access,” Kirsten Phillips said.

However, she said the store is more than a decade old now and well known in the community, and social media and signs can direct customers to the new space, so Phillips said she thinks it will be all right.

Also, she and her husband were already considering refocusing the store, which now will be a necessity since the new space is about half the size of the existing one.

“The new store is going to be a more curated selection that rotates a little more frequently,” Phillips said.

Other records will be in storage units that are easily accessible if customers locally or online have particular requests.

“We have a really large online store,” Phillips said.

They’ve been slowly moving things over to the new space, which should be ready soon.

Adam Phillips started the business in 2012 at Boulevard Plaza near Lincoln and George Washington Boulevard.

Kirsten Phillips became a customer eight years ago and wound up marrying Adam Phillips and going to work at the store.

“We’re very, very grateful that as a husband and wife we can make a living doing what we love,” she said.

“It was really important for us to stay in Delano,” Phillips said. “It’s a really special area that is obviously up and coming, and we want to be a part of that in any way we can. We’re really excited for this next chapter.”