Deer Photobombs Newborn’s First Pics

A newborn photo shoot in the woods turned out to be even more adorable than planned when a deer made a surprise appearance.

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Photographer Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography was snapping 1-month-old Connor sleeping on a stack of hay and surrounded by pumpkins at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff, La., when the deer — known as Maggie — dropped by. Footage of the visit, filmed by Connor’s mother, Tiffany Gill Rogers, was uploaded to YouTube Tuesday and has so far racked up 76,000 views.

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“Maggie lives in the woods and is known to show up during photo shoots,” Rion, a mother of one, tells Yahoo Parenting. “She has a reputation for it and parents even request that she come to shoots, but I let them know there’s no guarantee.”


In fact, Maggie is just one of the deer that roam free in the park, along with raccoons, who often also angle for camera time. “Maggie was hand-fed as a baby, so she’s very comfortable with people,” says Rion. “But I always make sure that we have one hand right near the baby, because she is a wild animal.”

Rogers was in awe, says Rion, adding that she and her assistant lured Maggie over with an ear of corn. Picture perfect.


Photo: Imagine That Photography

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